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Hello friends!!!

Here in this column, I share with you one of the important incident(or) happening  which made my life better, which improved my self confidence, character,attitude and everything within me.


It was time for Tamil Nadu express to leave Chennai Central railway station.Myself and my brother, both of us were standing in a book stall looking for good books and magazines to read during our long journey to Delhi.Usually i used to read only novels. Suddenly my father yelled “Its Time….Make It Soon”. I didn't get any book of my taste.However my brother had some hand full of books and magazines. I thought I had to carry on my whole journey just by sleeping and hearing songs to my I-pod. Both of us advanced to the compartment in which my dad reserved seats for us. We settled down and train started slowly.


My brother took a magazine from his hand full of books and told me to read it. I argued that i was never interested in magazines. My brother told patiently “Just read this book.Who knows..this might even change your life”. I was never interested. For my brothers sake i took it from him. As soon as i got the magazine from him,I was shocked to see the cover page. The reason for my shock is the rate(or) price of the book. It was 80rs. I asked my brother was it worth buying a magazine for 80rs… My brother simply answered “you read the book once and tell me whether it is worthy or not”. I went to the top of my bay and opened the book for the first time.


It was April 2009 edition. First there were some feedbacks wrote by readers to the frozen thoughts associates.The section was called Boomerang. The feedbacks were really great, and it slightly made a impression in my heart. The way the feedback was written by readers were awe-inspiring. I suddenly felt “The feedback itself was way good and inspiring. Then how good the articles will be?” Then came the article “UNPOSTED LETTER”



This article for the month April was written by T.T.Ranga Rajan….

The article was about the integrated package called Life. I will just write whatever was written by the author in my own words.

“Anything we choose in life comes along with its own positives and negatives. Only if we are willing to be chiselled,we will reach the altar worthy of being worshipped, Else we will remain a floor marble. There is no easy way to the top and those who have made to the top didn't make it easy.


There was a small story about a sage and a mouse. A mouse which was in constant distress with cat went to a sage and asked to transform it. The sage transformed the mouse into a cat. Now the cat was afraid of dog. The sage transformed the cat into a dog. Now dog was afraid of man. So he transformed it into man.Now man was afraid of god. The sage transformed it back into mouse and said “you can do nothing if you have the heart of mouse. Nothing I do to you is going to be of any help,because you have the heart of mouse”.


What this story conveys is we cannot expect a trouble free, Blessed life on this planet earth. This story directly made an impact in me.It was great. And I got a great interest in continuing with the book and to say the truth I could not take my eyes off the book.


The Unposted Letter continued. A bible quote now MALACHI 3:3 “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver”

Do you understand anything by this.When I read even i didn’t understand, And was puzzled.Why a bible verse is specified by the author?What is he trying to convey? The curiosity made me to read the entire book without even thinking about time. The time was already half past eleven in the night. But I never felt like sleeping, i felt as if I had drunk 10 cups of caffein  altogether.


There was a story associated with the bible verse quoted above. “One day a women had an appointment with a silversmith.The silversmith had a piece of silver in the fire and let it heat up. He explained to the women that one has to hold the silver in the middle of the fire where the flames were hottest and all the impurities would get burned away. The women asked the silversmith whether he had to sit in front of fire all the time. The silversmith smiled and answered he not only has to sit near the silver,but also to keep his eyes on silver so that it would not get destroyed. If the silver was left a moment too long in fire it would get destroyed.  The women suddenly asked “ How do you know whether the silver is fully refined from impurities or not?” The silversmith answered “That's easy..when i see my image on it”


What we can deduce from this is when you feel the heat of life,remember that god has his eyes on you and will keep watching until he sees his image on you. Life Isn’t a furnace that's burning you,but its the one which is transforming you into pure silver.


In every man sleeps a prophet. God became man,so that man can become god again.


I read the book two times before i got down from train at Delhi Railway Station . SO far i have read this UNPOSTED LETTER n number of times. I realised that this book is transforming me into a pure silver.  




  • Pankaj Jain

    hey you follow FT .. great .. i have been reading it from 11th actually ;) .. TTR rocks ..

  • Unknown

    I have just started reading from last month pankaj... Its awesome... Nice to hear that you have been reading from 11th..great dude..

  • Pankaj Jain

    i have the collection of whole of last year .. jus in case you want them .. buzz me :)..

  • Bharathi

    I can see you have a thirst for the meaning of life. Thats great. I like this post.

    'Life Isn’t a furnace that's burning you,but its the one which is transforming you into pure silver.'

    This is a good one. Keep posting some like this.

  • confused rants

    hey shankar umhh after reading your post i think i would not throw (waste paper box)this mag ,which i used to do as soon as i received it in my mail box.

  • Unknown

    @sweet nothings: you throw this mag in waste paper box??? this is the only mag i read every month.... glad that my post change you.. and thanks.. you have commented for such an old post..which no one does... every new comer...just visit the blog..comment on latest post and go.... But you comment on older post too..thanks a lot...

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