Women Biased Society-Global Proof


This is the continuation of my earlier post-Women Biased Society. Once again I say gone are the days of sati,female infanticide etc..etc…. This is women era and society provides support to women's only. This is a proof.

Image Courtesy:Google.comgirls rape

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  • Meghana

    Shankar,not because I am a woman i disagree with you.Its very true that sometimes women take undue advantages of being a woman by shedding tears etc.

    But that doesnt mean that the society is woman biased.regarding the issue you higligted is very sad!!!

    In one of my post 'I always wanted to be a woman' I have higligted that you have to be anti-man to be a pro woman.have a look!

  • Unknown

    oh..will check out meghana..

  • Madman

    Ya shankar times have changed. May be in metros like our this holds good. Predominantly India is Male chauvinistic country there are no two ways about it.

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