Social networking is not new to us. We have seen a lot of networking websites such as Orkut,Facebook,Tagged,MySpace etc. I read today’s Hindu Newspaper. I found a new social networking website. You might think what's new in that. Everything is same. I felt the same way when I read the paper.
The website was created and designed by Harshavardan and Laksmi Parkavi of Chennai..So I entered the site and registered my account.Let me furnish the unique advantages of that site.
First advantage is that Signing up is so easy.It takes only a few seconds to sign up for that site.
We say first impression is the best impression and this easy sign up process created the first and best impression.
Profile creation is simple without asking much details and unnecessary things.
Some features of facebook like wall and twitter has been combined in this site. So we can enjoy the advantages of orkut,facebook,twitter at same place.logo
We can post our talents like, we can post our good photos, post our blog links,post anything creative and points are awarded for your unique talent. There is also a vote system through which you can vote to others talents.
There is a column called power ideas were you can post your unique ideas. The ideas may be about cookery,science,projects etc..
The most amazing thing which differentiates Hardum from other websites is that you can buy products for free.You can donate free products,You can sell your products and you can even exchange your books and other products from others in your locality.
There are lots of free vouchers too. Do you think its over not all. Here you can search for latest job openings.Apply for the job and post your resume too. This site directly bridges Employers and job seekers.This site also provides the latest news from your Tinsel Town.
I am new to this site and still there is a lot more to explore. The website has just been started and it looks cool.So don't wait.Register Immediately.
Image Courtesy:http://www.hardum.com


  • Swetha

    it sounds interesting ! i think i will have a look at it soon!

    and about the books! i think we do have similar traits in books! I'm a huge fan of Sydney and Dan Brown! you seem to have read all their books..

  • Unknown

    Dan brown, read each and every book of him.. very choosy in sydney...

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    interesting, shall check it ... and thanks for referring me i ur last post buddy!!!

  • Lavanya

    hey this site sounds interesting.. will check it out..

  • Unknown

    @subhayan& @lavanya: sure check it out... its nice..

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