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Atlast the most expected X-men origins:wolverine was released a few weeks back. The first three parts of the film was really good. The idea of mutants, Fight between mutants and humans were great. When i saw the first film, I was curious to know about the past of wolverine. What was he in the past? How he lost his memory? How he got that Adamantium blades etc. I thought the answer to all these questions will be revealed in second part. In the second part a character called William Stryker was Introduced. They just revealed that only William Stryker knew about wolverines past. Then my curiosity reached greater heights, as i waited for the third part:The last stand. But the story was not revealed. But the story marked the end of X-Men. Magneto was defeated.Mystique was transformed into human with the cure. Magneto was also a human now. My mind was still waiting for the part of wolverine. Why they never showed about wolverine’s past? I thought the director and story writer must have forgotten about the past of wolverine.

Three years passed after the release of The Last stand. Suddenly to my surprise I saw an add in Paper with my super hero Wolverine’s picture. The Film tilted

Xmen Origins-Wolverine

I was surprised and waited for the release of the film. It was the most anticipated movie of the year. I thought I should watch the film in theatre on its first day of release. But my exam schedules spoilt my plan. So now after some weeks of release, I went to the Cinema to watch the movie,which revealed the past of my favourite super hero.

The film started with a boy killing his own father(the boy doesn't know that the man was his father). The boy was none other than Logan. Logan joined hands with this half brother Victor after killing his father. From the next few scenes i realized both of them joined army and fought several wars. Both of them were not killed due to regenerative healing power.

Both of them were sentenced to death for killing their own superior. But they couldn't be killed. William Stryker took notice of these two and asked them to join his army of mutants. They joined and during a mission of finding a precious element(adamantium), things went sour between logan and victor. Logan went away from mutant army and continued his life as a lumberjack along with girl friend. After several years victor started killing the members of the mutant army. Logan refused for protection when stryker asked for it. Victor killed logan girl friend. Logan in the rage of killing victor went to stryker and accepted for making him the weapon X. His bones were reinforced with powerful indestructible element adamantium.

The remaining story revolves with how wolverine escaped from stryker and did he avenge his half brother victor. The betrayal of Logan's girlfriend for saving her sister was a turning point. Logan loses his memory when adamantium bullets were shot at him by stryker.

The powerful story and plot of wolverine is the great plus of the film. The stunts were a plus. However I miss Storm, Jene, magneto in this film. The superheroes are missing.

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My rating for wolverine is 8/10.

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