Completed My Engineering!!!!


Hello Friends...

At last I got my 8th sem results and completed my engineeringSmile.Everyone says last sem is the most easiest one. But for my class it was really difficult. My friends chose some unwanted electives,due to which we really struggled. And due to our bad time, our elective question paper also was much difficult. With god's grace I cleared all papers. But I couldn't manage to get distinctionCrying. Our exams were very difficult. I maintained my distinction right from first sem to seventh sem but I terribly lost it in my eighth sem. I ended up with 73.7%. grad5

Anyway I can call myself an engineer now..cheers....Big Grin

I am no more doing my bachelors degree in electrical engineering. Now I am an Electrical Engineer.. Proud to say..

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  • Congratulation buddy :) .May god bless your future endeavors.

  • pRiYaN...!

    happy graduation !
    i know how it feels when u miss your friends...i tell this because i really know how it feels!


  • Unknown

    @priyan: thanks buddy....

  • control valves

    That's a great achievement! Congratulations!

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