God and Ghost


Most have you would have endless debates about the existence of god and existence of ghosts. I have debated and queried about the existence of god and ghosts.But till now I never found a definite solution.

Some say Its just a belief, while others make fun of me whenever I raise this issue. But none gave me a concrete solution with proof.  Very recently I saw some horror films which convinced me about the existence of ghost.

We all know Newton's Laws of motion. And third law is the most common law. “FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION”.

Our world consists of both men and women. We have oceans and opposite to that we also have deserts. We have birds which can fly in the air, at the same time we also have fishes which can swim underwater.

We have protons as well as electrons. So everything is balanced with opposing forces.

So If god exists then why there cant be an opposing force called ghosts and devils. If you say ghost doesn't exist, Then there is no god…

I sincerely apologise for wasting your valuable time if you think this doesn't make sense.

I am a firm believer of the existence of god. But I can neither accept nor deny the fact about the existence of ghost..

Do you think that ghost exists?



  • Bharathi

    I don't know if the ghost exist or not. but I am sure they cant harm us. we are afraid of them because we feel they are powerful than us. If they kill us, we will become ghosts and as powerful as them. No one wants their enemy to become equally powerful. so logically they wont kill us. :-). Just kidding.

  • Unknown

    ha..ha... :-) you are always optimistic.

  • Lavanya

    Wow.. A good question shankar.. Rather an intelligent one.. Now if people say they dont believe in ghosts then it natuarally means they dont believe in god.. If the principle of karma is true then ghosts do exist.. I am not a non-believer of god, so i think there should souls that have some undone tasks. Then if thats true then everyone of us having many undone tasks so are we all ghosts :-))))

  • Unknown

    everyone of us might be wandering as ghosts after out death,if we have any undone task.... :-)))

  • Lavanya

    yeh definitely.. in true spiritual sense we are all souls that take a physical form as directed by the supreme and our karma..So when we leave this physical form, we are all ghosts :-)

  • Interesting viewpoint. Never came across that one before

  • Madman

    Shankar i dont think that newtons would apply, this is because God is part of a higher dimension than us, so our rules dont apply there, may its got to do with our mind. I can discuss this vastly if you can mail me. my mail Id is in my bloggger profile

  • Unknown

    Hey may be you are correct. But you have to understand the fact that man only believes that god do exist. We can even say man only invented or discovered god....

  • Priyanka Agrawalla

    I believe that ghosts do exist...u were correct in pointing Newton's third law.
    There r 2 types of atma - one who believes in doing gud n the other who tries to harm. N we name the harming one as ghost... and the gud one blesses us. :)

    i guess i answered u... If not, I hope u vl get ur answer soon :)

    take care.

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