Fact About Liver!!!


Liver is one of the vital organs in our body.Here I am sharing with you one of very interesting fact about liver, which I came to know very recently.

We have come across Lizards. If you ever cut the tail of a lizard it will grow back automatically.

Liver is one such organ which can grow back. Perhaps Liver is the only organ which can grow back in our body.liver2

The liver is the only organ which can be partially removed from our body and can still function effectively in a human body. Over a certain period of time,Liver grow back eventually.Liver has the potential to regenerate automatically.

We can even cut ones liver partially and donate it to one of our close relatives. But the transplantation can be carried out within close relatives because while transplanting the tissues of both the persons should match. Removing a partial liver is a major surgery and not an easy one.

However the rate in which our liver grows back depends on prostaglandins. prostaglandins is a member of lipid compounds.

Picture courtesy:www.hepfoundation.org.nz

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  • Bharathi

    Interesting information.

  • Gauri Mathur

    Thanks for that piece of information Shankar!

  • Meghana

    Hello Shankar,
    Thanks for your review on my Blog!

    Interesting post!Actually when one suffers from jaundice that time also the size of the liver increases if I am not wrong.

  • Unknown

    @meghana ya..thats inflation of liver. Inflation is different from growth..i suppose...

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